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Motion Blur Tutorial for Photoshop
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Motion Blur Tutorial

Here you find the instructions for creating a simple motion blur by using Photoshop.

Made with Photoshop CS3, but will work with most previous versions (and later).

Step 1. Let’s say you would like to make an object look likes it is dropping. And seeing as there is an orb tutorial, we will be using the orb as our object.

New document, then put your orb in there. White background, 300px by 300px.

Tutorial Motion Blur Tutorial 1

Step 2. Duplicate the layer and then apply a “Motion blur” filter. Filter > Blur > Motion Blur.

Tutorial Motion Blur Tutorial 2

Tutorial Motion Blur Tutorial 3

Tutorial Motion Blur Tutorial 4

Remember to place the duplicated blurred layer below the orb layer…

Move the blur up a little bit.

Tutorial Motion Blur Tutorial 5

Step 3. Add wind.
Duplicate the blur layer and place the duplicated layer below the other 2 layers by the way. Rotate by 90 degrees and then go to Filter > Stylize > Wind.

Tutorial Motion Blur Tutorial 6

Tutorial Motion Blur Tutorial 7

Rotate it back to how it was and then apply a “Gaussian blur” filter. Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.

Tutorial Motion Blur Tutorial 8

Lower the opacity to 75%.

Tutorial Motion Blur Tutorial 9

Now combine both the blurred layer and also the “winded” layer. Then, get out the smudge tool with the following settings:

Tutorial Motion Blur Tutorial 10

Finally, make your own smudges so that they look like its falling. To make it convincing, however, you will need to adjust the strength every so often. With the strong ones, try to make them look less apparent.

Tutorial Motion Blur Tutorial 11

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