Added: 6 August, 2007
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Fake Vector! Tutorial
Author: Jason
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Fake Vector! Tutorial

You don’t have to be a pro for vectorizing images. Luckily, Photoshop has a solution for that too and you still can get a wow effect. Just follow these instructions and improve the technique.

You know that feeling – looking at an vectorized image saying “wow, I wish I could do that…”. In fact, you probably could if only you have the endurance. However, for us...lazy people we (fortunately) have a shortcut. It will look very incredible if someone thinks it is actually a image you personally vectorized…

Step 1. First copy (Ctrl+C) the image you want to use. Look through your downloaded photos or on Google Images or the like.

Tutorial Fake Vector! Tutorial 1

Next, create a new document. By default, Photoshop should provide the right size for what’s on the clipboard.

Tutorial Fake Vector! Tutorial 2

Step 2. Now go up to Filter > Artistic > Cutout. Set the settings to something like what is shown below. However, the values themselves do not need to be exactly the same – just go by intuition with what would fake your friends more :D

Tutorial Fake Vector! Tutorial 3

Step 3. Final. That’s it. My shortest tutorial by far but I know I’m going to be using this technique a lot now that I’ve been reminded that Photoshop can do this :)

Tutorial Fake Vector! Tutorial 4

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