Added: 17 August, 2007
Group: Photoshop
Watermarking your images using Photoshop
Author: John
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Watermarking Tutorial

Watermark your image! Don’t let others take credit for your artwork. This tutorial helps you do that by revealing some special techniques to keep it your own.

Tutorial Watermarking Tutorial 1

Watermarking Tutorial
Made with Photoshop CS3 but seriously, c’mon, this tutorial can be done with previous versions.

Step 1. Get your image or artwork out.

Tutorial Watermarking Tutorial 2

Yes, it’s me again…

Step 2. Type text such as: “Watermark” or “Copyright”.

Tutorial Watermarking Tutorial 3

Step 3. Add an outer glow.

Tutorial Watermarking Tutorial 4

Step 4. Lower the opacity to a very low percentage (I used 15%). You do not want to make the watermark very obnoxious. You can make the watermark very weak and they still cannot fix the watermark (unless you send them the PSD…which would be very stupid and opacity would not be any type of barrier at all).

Tutorial Watermarking Tutorial 5

Step 5. Duplicate, duplicate, duplicate!

Tutorial Watermarking Tutorial 6

Tutorial Watermarking Tutorial 7

To speed up the process quite a bit, after making one row of duplicated layers, select them all, merge them (“Ctrl + E”), then duplicate that merged layer.

Tutorial Watermarking Tutorial 8

Tutorial Watermarking Tutorial 9

Tutorial Watermarking Tutorial 10


Tutorial Watermarking Tutorial 1

There, all finished. Nothing too obnoxious but it will also sufficiently protect your artwork!

GO to: Page 1 : Watermarking Tutorial This tutorial is copyrighted. Partial duplication or full duplication is prohibited and illegal. Translation or usage of any kind without author�s permission is illegal.
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