Added: 6 October, 2007
Group: Windows
Auto End Task for Safe Windows Shutdown
Author: Naomi
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Auto End Task for Proper Shutdown

This short guideline shows you how to shutdown Windows safely and in the proper way, also clearing the "Paging File" on Exit by using the auto end task.

Any computer user may encounter with the situation where he`s completely unable to safely shutdown his computer cause some unknown force doesn`t let it do that. Don`t worry. It`s pretty much a common problem nobody understand why it happens. At last we found the way that solves this worldwide issue.

This tutorial is about a registry file that automatically ends all tasks by recognizing and avoiding timeout hazards, therefore enabling your computer to shutdown both safely and in the proper manner.

The instructions are easy to administer, you should just keep up with the followings.

The 1st step is to follow the direction:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SYSTEM>CurrentControlSet>Control>Session Manager>Memory Management]

[HKEY_USERS>.DEFAULT>Control Panel>Desktop]

and the last thing to do is this:


Once it`s done, the file should be saved as "shutdown.reg" and then imported into your own registry. To import the file you need, just double click on it.

Many computers are supported by some kind of anti-virus program so don`t worry if it reports a "unsafe" script, especially when you have the "Script Safe" option enabled.

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