Added: 7 October, 2007
Group: Windows
Quick Windows Shutdown and Windows Shortcut
Author: Naomi
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Quick Windows Shutdown and easy access icon

No more complicated procedures when shutting down windows. This tutorial teaches you how to create a nice and practical Windows Shutdown Shortcut.

You don`t have to go through all the Windows Shutdown stages from now on. Even better, why not create a small, nice and easy access Windows Shutdown Shortcut the way you like.
Instead of using "Start Menu" and "turning the computer off" options, the simpliest way to do that, especially when you`re in a hurry, is just a double click away.

Make a simple Windows Shutdown Shortcut step 1:

Right click on your desktop and choose "New Shortcut" option. After that type this script %windir%System32shutdown.exe -s -t 0 into the file, click "Next" button and name the file whatever you like.After that click "Finished" button.

This example will do just fine, but in case you want to have an extra image icon instead of bare shortcut right click on the icon, choose "Properties" and put in the desired icon. It works fine.

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