Added: 8 October, 2007
Group: Windows
Securing data files in Windows
Author: Naomi
page: 1

Password-protected and encrypted docs and files in Window

This is a short guideline to show you how to keep your documents or directory private and to turn away poky people.

There are many reasons why you`d like your documents or files, or whatever you have on your comp to stay for your eyes only.

There are, however, two way to secure data contents from the poky noses. One, oriented to corporate environment people who want the superiors to stay out of their private documents and the other for Windows XP Home users who can easily satisfy with a password-protected compressed files.

Windows XP Pro users read the followings: Right click on the particular file and select "Properties" option.Click on "Advanced" button that`s on the middle-low right side of the window. You can`t miss it. Now you entered the "Advanced Attributes" dialog box where you`re supposed to check "Encrypt contents for securing data " box and click "OK". This way you provide your system with the file encryption that gives you a key certificate. You need to export it in order to back your Windows user account up, cause if you don`t you`re running a risk to lose all Windows data content.

Windows XP Home users: Unfortunately, Windows XP Home doesn`t support this method for securing and keeping the files private. This magic is simply about creating a password for your secret docs and files which protects from seeing by anyone but you. Of course, if you`re the only person who knows the pass.

Here are some explanations how to make it work. Right click on the "wannabe" private document or dir, then choose "Send to" and/or "Zipped folder" option and in the resulting folder select "Add a password from the file menu" and delete the original document or dir. Making this way of file protection shouldn`t be as hard as the resistance it shows when invaded, because keep in mind that this method is relatively weak, sometimes compromised and we kindly suggest you find another solution for this matter.

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