Added: 13 October, 2007
Group: Windows
Move Win XP hard drive to a new motherboard
Author: Naomi
page: 1

Move Win XP hard drive to a new motherboard

This tutorial gives you the explanations how to move the hard drive which already has Win XP installed on it to a whole new motherboard.

If you ever happen to need this, read this tutorial and get the problem fixed.

First, you need to go to " Control Panel", choose the "System Icon" and double click on it. When opened, go to "Hardware" tab and click on "Device Manager" button where you get a list of various options. Find IDE ATA/ATAPI CONTROLLERS option and expand the tab. Do the right click on the 1st controller and choose the "Update driver" function, then go to "Install from a list or specific location" tab and click "NEXT" button.

Now, the last thing before the installing initiation, a new window appears where you have to choose "Don`t search. I will choose the driver to install " option and again, click "NEXT" button.After that, check "Standard Dual Channel Pci Ide Controller" and click "NEXT" button.
After this operation is being completed, your computer should be able to install the Standard Controller and then you`re supposed to reboot it. Make sure the Standard Controller is installed completely, shut down your computer, remove the hard drive and you got it installed on the new motherboard.

GO to: Page 1 : Move Win XP hard drive to a new motherboard This tutorial is copyrighted. Partial duplication or full duplication is prohibited and illegal. Translation or usage of any kind without authorís permission is illegal.
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