Added: 19 October, 2007
Group: Windows
System Delay at Startup
Author: Naomi
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System Hang Up At Startup

This tutorial explains what should be done in order to prevent so irritating system delay at startup where any of operating actions are impossible to execute.

If you have ever experienced a "System Hang Up At Startup" problem where your system`s obstructed and you`re not able to access the "Start" button, not even the "Taskbar", there`s a simple solution for this problem. There`s a particular "BIT" (Background Intelligent Transfer) service running in the background causing this kind of problem.
Though you can find lots of online patches, in many cases they just don`t work properly.

If you want to get rid of the problem do the following:
Step 1: go to Start/Run and type "msconfig", click "OK" button. Now, you got "System Configuration Utility" window opened. Click on the "Services" tab and scroll down to "Background Intelligent Transfer" service, left click to disable it then again, click "Apply" button and "Close" button to exit the window. When all the changes are made, click on "Restart" button within the "System Configuration" window to reboot your PC.
This should work properly.

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