Added: 21 October, 2007
Group: Windows
Import Administrative Tools To Start Menu
Author: Naomi
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Administrative Tools In The Start Menu

For those who use Administrative Tools so often avoid going through the Control Panel to search for it. Simply import it to Start Menu and create an easy access to all its features.

First, right click on the "Start Menu", then go to "Properties". Now you entered the "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" window. Click "Customize" button then "Advanced" tab. In the "Start Menu Items" drop down menu scroll down and find "System Administrative Tools" and check either "Display on the all Programs Menu" or "Display on the all Programs Menu and the Start Menu" option and click "OK" to confirm. All the changes are already made, so you don`t have to reboot the computer. The Administrative Tools option now should appear in the Start Menu.

For those who still use Windows Classic Start Menu right click on the Start Menu, go to Properties, now you`re inside the "Customize Classic Start Menu" window, look into the "Advanced Start Menu Options" and check the "Display Administrative Tools" option which should (in the most cases) be the first on the list. Click "OK" button to confirm the selection.

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