Added: 10 March, 2008
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How to change OEM data in Windows system properties
Author: Alex
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How to change OEM data in Windows system properties

If you ever asked yourself how OEM manufactures enter their data into Windows system properties here is trick how to do it by yourself and enter any data you desire.

All of OEM information are stored in the OEMINFO.TXT file that is located in Windows system folder.

So if you want to change your system information and write your own name and data simply create new TXT file in Notepad called OEMINFO.TXT. Then enter following data:

Manufacturer=Write the name of company
Model=Computer name
[Support Information]
Line1=Again you can write the name of your company
Line3=Phone number
Line4= any other information

You can store as many lines as you want and all of them will show up into Windows system properties.

Next step can be creating your own logo. Simply create logo of your choice in 160x120 dimensions, 256 colors and save it as BMP file type named OEMLOGO.SYS.

Both of those new files copy to the Windows system folder and restart your computer.

Once the system start again, you can check system properties and you will see new, changed data.

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